Last Updated 12/5/02

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This has to be the most enjoyable racing game I've played. The graphics are amazing, and the car control is outstanding. The graphics and sounds are great. The only thing I don't like about the game is the time it takes for each map to load (about 45 seconds). Carmageddon 2 is an even better game.

Check out my Carmageddon Cheats page.

Links to other Carmageddon sites: - This is the best Carmageddon site out there. If you like Carmageddon, I suggest you go here ASAP.

SCi's Carmageddon - On Power Mac - SCi's homepage. They are the company that gave us this great game.

Total Carmageddon - This site has a lot of content, including the choice of a very neat Folder-Tree interface which is unlike anything I have ever seen on the net.