Last Updated 12/5/02

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Quake is a very fun multiplayer game. Unlike Marathon, it supports play over the Internet, and works quite well. The game engine is great but dated. If you would like to play Quake on the net, the very first thing to do is download QuakeWorld.

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Links to other Quake sites:

Flaming Fist - This is the home of currently the best clan in the world. I strongly suggest the demos on their site be downloaded.

Schrot Kommando - This is the homepage to my favorite Quakeworld clan. They have a large amount of extremely entertaining demos. Also, the person that I believe was the best player in the world is in their clan (sK-Kane).

Challenge Europe - Europe's Challenge team and my favorite site to get Quake related news.

3AC - This is probably the best all around Quake-related web page.

Challenge United States - United States' Challenge team and currentl a great site for Quake news.

Challenge World - This site takes the major news items from each Challenge site and puts them all on one page.

Stayne's House of Demos - This is the best site to get any demos that are Quake related.

Quake Nation - This is great British Quake page to get news.

Blues News - A great site for getting news on Quake.

MacQuake Infinity - This beautiful Quake ezine site is back.

Methos Quake - One of the best Quake sites in existance...this guy also ran a great Warcraft 2 site if I remember.

QuakeWorld - This is the home of the best way to play Quake on the internet.

PlanetQuake - This is a decent site that hosts many other Quake sites.