Myth: The Fallen Lords

Last Updated 12/5/02

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Myth is another wonderful game by Bungie Software. It's an amazing strategic game that has many units to control. There are no buildings to build, no resources to manage, and no peons to control. The engine should set a new standard for strategic games.

Links to other Myth sites:

The Myth Codex - The result of Myth Unlimited and the Myth Grimoire teaming up.

FutureMyth - One of the best Myth sites.

Mythology - Mythology is back and better than ever. The layout is cool!

Sons of Myrgard - An excellent page for solo Myth players to visit. I believe this page is run by someone at Bungie.

The Mything Link - A very nice Myth Page. This page has cool weekly surveys.

MYTH at NONTOXIC.ORG - This is a very good page made by Joshstar, a veteran Warcraft 2 player that I have known for a long time.

The Gates of the Covenant - A very good page devoted to Myth. Go take a look.

Voracious Rabbits' Myth News - This is a good site that has frequent news updates and hosts FutureMyth.