Internet Relay Chat

Last Updated 12/5/02

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Internet Relay Chat is a wonderful way to meet new people online that share your interests. There are thousands of channels you can join, including the channels I hang out in.

Recently I have branched out to a new IRC network named Enterthegame. Just connect to irc.enterthegame.com and you will be forwarded to one of the many servers. I hang out on #qwplayers. The network is made for gamers and is a great place to hang out.

I have met many wonderful people on IRC, including a quite a few in real life from the CMCT, Burning Blade, and BAMPG. There are many clients you can use to gain access to IRC on the Mac which include IRCle (best Mac IRC client in my opinion), MacBitchX (Mac port of the Unix client BitchX), Snak, smIRCLE, cIRCe, nIRC, and ShadowIRC. The newest Ircle is 3.0.4 (excluding the beta release). IRCII can be used, but that requires you to have a shell (UNIX-based). Some ISP's give you a shell with your account, and if they don't, shells can be bought inexpensively.