Marathon Infinity

Last Updated 12/5/02

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Marathon is my favorite game. I'm a proud member of the California Network Gamers (aka California Marathon Carnage Team).

Coriolis Loop by Double Aught (makers of most of Marathon Infinity and upcoming Duality) has to be the best netmap pack I have ever played! I enjoy solo practice on FM's net maps. Rockets of Fury v3 by Colin James for Marathon: EVIL is very fun and a great job at emulating a real netgame. The CMCT Netmap Pak v1.2 is a very good and fun netmap compilation of maps made by various CMCT members. Other fun maps include Cursed Netmaps - Classic and Llamas are Larger than Frogs v1.7.

Here's some advice for most keyboarders and mousers. Fire missiles at people's feet, not their bodies. A good player will just strafe a missile that is fired at the body. Generally, mousers are better at firing at people's feet because of how quickly they can move and aim. If you want to be able to have better agility and aiming, be a mouser. If you want to be able to be better with shotguns (most of the time keyboarders are better with shotguns), be a keyboarder. I myself love the SPNKR and love hitting people at the feet with missiles. Also, I love being able to kill the person that's following me with a 180 degree spin and missile shot at their feet. Mousers can do this move MUCH faster than a keyboarder. I know this because I used to be a keyboarder. If you want a much more complete compilation of thoughts on the topic of mousers vs. keyboarders, read Frigidman's 2 cents on the issue. He is a mouser and helped me to decide to become a mouse. After I got his key settings, I never looked back at the keyboard (thanks FM!). Go to my Marathon Bio page to see my key layout for Marathon.

Links to other Marathon sites:

Bungie Software - Makers of the Marathon trilogy and the amazing new game Myth (more on that below).

The Marathon Archives at - A newer version of the Hyperarchive Northwest. This one is updated almost daily by the original maintainer of the old Hyperarchive Northwest, Claude Errera.

Bungie.Org - The definitive source for all things Bungie related!

Marathon Hyperarchive Northwest - The best Marathon maps site on the net. It has many 3rd party maps to download (very outdated).

Double Aught Software - The home of the company that is making Duality and made some of Marathon Infinity.

FM's Creations - FrigidMan is back in the Marathon scene. The new page is incredible, and he is releasing some new maps!

Marathon's Story Page - Great page by Hamish Sinclair (Godot on IRC EFNet) that goes through the intricacies of the story of the Marathon trilogy.

Marathon Central - A great page with lots of links to other Marathon sites. The layout is beautiful!

Marathon: EVIL homepage - The homepage for Marathon: EVIL. Marathon EVIL is a wonderful scenario for Marathon Infinity. It's a big download! Note: You need Marathon Infinity to make EVIL.

Tempus Irae homepage - The homepage for Tempus Irae. Tempus Irae is a great 3rd party marathon scenario for Marathon Infinity. It's also a big download! Note: You need Marathon Infinity to make Tempus Irae.