Last Updated 12/5/02

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Check out my Starcraft Cheats page.

Starcraft is yet another game from Blizzard. It is very much like Warcraft 2 except it is more projectile based and has a third race to use.

Links to other Starcraft Sites: - This is my favorite Starcraft site. The new webmasters have made it even better than it was before the big merger.

Starcraft Legacy - This site is a product of yet another Starcraft site merger. Check it out, it's a superb site.

StarShack - Quite possibly the best strategy site.

Starcraft: Infinity - This is an absolutely beautiful site. It has a ton of great content, and a superb layout.

Starcraft Extreme - This is probably the best Starcraft strategy page.

Shafe's StarCraft Source - This site has nice content and a cool logo.

Robocop's Starcraft Page - This is a site run by a fellow BBer. The page has some excellent strategies.

Force Dogcow: Mac StarCraft - Finally, a site devoted to the Mac version of Starcraft.

StarCraft Heaven - This site is pretty cool. The news section leaves something to be desired though.

SCuM.Net - Another great scm site.

Vizer's Starcraft Statistics - The best site for Starcraft statistics.

Tech-Base - This site is undergoing renovations, I can't wait to see what the final product.

Starcraft Infoceptor - This is a pretty good site, check it out.