Warcraft 2

Last Updated 12/5/02

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Click here to visit my Warcraft 2 Strategies page. These are strategies that I have put a lot of thought into.

Click here to visit my Warcraft 2 Cheats page.

Click here to visit my Warcraft 2 Etiquette page. This will tell you what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable.

Warcraft 2 is a superb strategy game made by Blizzard. I have been playing this game since the day it came out for the Mac and have loved it since. I am a proud member of the clan Burning Blade. I love playing net games with low resources, one peasant only, and fog on. The reason I play low resources is because I feel high resources are for impatient people. However, I do believe it adds more to the game.

Also, rather than using Hex to change your Warcraft 2 name color in multiplayer games, I have found that the utility The B|ade v1.1 made by Pioneer (of Burning Blade) is MUCH better.

I would also like to thank Shlonglor's Warcraft 2 Page. When I was a newbie, that page taught me MANY things about Warcraft 2, including walling in, simple peon orders, recon, the lumber bug, strategies, and many other helpful tidbits. Thanks a lot Shlonglor, I am one of the many that benefited from your page.

Links to other Warcraft 2 sites:

Joshstar's Warcraft II Page - A nice page made by Joshstar. This page has more complicated build orders that I refuse to give out :-P. Newbies shouldn't get a great order right away, they need to practice and play against better players (like I did) and learn from them. This page is no longer being updated.

Guruchild's Ultimate Warcraft II Site - An all around good Warcraft II site. I love the navigation bar.

Macintosh Gaming League - This is a gaming ladder for Mac users. As much as I dislike ladders, I'm posting the URL. I feel that in the end, ladders hurt Warcraft 2. On IRC, I've seen people refuse unofficial (for fun) games because they only play official (for points) games. This REALLY annoys me. Games should be fun, and in my opinion, ladders make gaming too competitive.

Global Games Warcraft 2 Ladder - This is another ladder for gaming. It's Mac and PC friendly. This ladder was created by Killjoy and _Splitz_ of IRC. I really liked the potential for this ladder, as ladders go. Too bad it's dead/dying =(. It'sequel to the NMWL (New Mac Warcraft League) that died long ago.

Pudland - A great place to download 3rd party Warcraft 2 puds. The puds are in .zip format, but Macs can unzip them with a utility like Stuffit Expander and use them. Also, you should change the type/creator of the unzipped file to W2ed/W2ed with a utility like Snitch or ResEdit.

StoneFist's Island - A good page made by StoneFist of IRC. StoneFist created PUD Master, an alternate pud maker to Blizzard's Warcraft Map Editor. PUD Master can also do many other things.