Last Updated 12/5/02

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Diablo is a wonderful strategy game from Blizzard. You take the role of one of three classes of heroes: warrior, rogue, or wizard. The warrior is primarily hand-to-hand fighting only, the rogue is primarily an archer, and the wizard is primarily magic. Currently, I have a level 38 warrior, a level 18 rogue, and numerous item storage characters. If you're just starting Diablo, I recommend that you go to my shrines page to find out which shrines to/not to touch. Beware of who you play with on battle.net. There are many player killers looking for people to kill. Most of them cheat, using hacked/duplicated items and most are almost invincible. I recommend that you try to play games with people you know. I have never played in a public game on battle.net, nor do I intend to.

Links to other Diablo sites:

Anduril's Book of Diablo - This is the best all around Diablo site on the Internet. It was also created by a Burning Blade clanmate of mine.

The Unholy Battlegrounds - This is a great page for all things Blizzard related.