Last Updated 12/5/02

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These are the items that I currently have equipped and in my inventory. The items in my inventory I use as backups in case I die. Every single one of these items is legitimate and something either my friends or I have found. We do not duplicate the items for each other, either.


Awesome Plate AC 74, +131% armor, indestructable

Awesome Shield of the Tiger AC 18, +148% armor, +42 hit points

King's Sword of Haste Broad Sword, to hit +91%, +164% damage, fastest attack

Royal Circlet +10 all attributes, +40 mana, AC 40, +10% light radius

Obsidian Amulet of the Zodiac resist all +37%, +20 all attributes

Obsidian Ring of Titans resist all +32%, +27 strength

Ring of the Zodiac +18 all attributes



Awesome Plate AC 69, +136% armor

Godly Shield of the Ages AC 18, +188% armor, indestructible

Holy Crown of the Whale AC 10, +152% armor, +82 hit points

Great Helm (Un-idented Gotterdamerung) AC 60

King's Sword of Giants Broad Sword, to hit +85%, +164% damage, +20 strength

Drake's Amulet of the Tiger +48 mana, +47 hit points

Obsidian Ring of Wizardry resist all +34%, +22 magic

Ivory Ring of the Heavens +33% resist magic, +14 all attributes