Marathon Bio

Last Updated 12/5/02

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Nickname: Sniperman

Method used to play Marathon: Mouse

Color: Green

Favorite Weapon: SPNKR-X18 SSM Launcher

Second Favorite Weapon: WSTE-M Shotguns

Favorite Level Type: Open maps (I dislike lurkers)

Favorite Tactic: Hitting people at the feet with a missile

Favorite Quote: "Reloading?"

Favorite Built-in Maps: Beyond Thunderdome, Duality, House of Pain, King of Pain, La Costra Nostra, Morpfhine, Wrath No More?, Thrud, Melatonin, and Route 66

Favorite Netmap Packs: Coriolis Loop and CMCT Netmap Pak v1.2

Favorite Solo Scenarios: Marathon: EVIL and Tempus Irae

Keyboard Layout:

Note: I use a non-extended keyboard to play Marathon.

Forward = Keypad 8

Backward = Keypad 5

Turn Left = Not used (Mouse)

Turn Right = Not used (Mouse)

Sidestep Left = Keypad 4

Sidestep Right = Keypad 6

Glance Left = Keypad 7

Glance Right = Keypad 9

Look Up = Up Arrow (in case I need to look up so I don't trip the motion sensor)

Look Down = Down Arrow (in case I need to look down so I don't trip the motion sensor)

Previous = Keypad 2

Next = Keypad 3

Trigger = Mouse button

2nd Trigger = Keypad .

Sidestep = Not used

Run/Swim = Shift

Look = Not used

Action = Keypad 0

Auto Map = Keypad +

Microphone = ` (Not used)