Quake Bio

Last Updated 10/25/01

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Nickname: Sniperman

Method used to play Quake: LogiTech MouseMan Dual Optical Wheel Mouse

Color: Green

Favorite Weapon: Lightning Gun

Second Favorite Weapon: Rocket Launcher

Favorite Tactic: Bouncing an enemy up into the air with rocket launcher and finishing him off with shaft or boomstick

Favorite Quote: =)

Favorite Levels: dm2 (Claustrophobopolis), dm3 (The Abandoned Base), dm4 (The Bad Place), and dm6 (The Dark Zone)

Favorite Custom Levels: Aerowalk, Ultra Violence, The Steeler, Spinev2, Iron Trees, and Bless To Kill,


Keyboard Layout:

Forward = W

Backpedal = S

Strafe Left = A

Strafe Right = D

Jump/Swim up = SPACE

Rocket Launcher = Bound to MOUSE1

Lightning Gun = Bound to MOUSE2

Best Shotgun = Bound to MWHEELDOWN

Shotgun = Bound to MOUSE3

Best Nailgun = CTRL

Grenade Launcher = ALT

Rocket Jump Scripts = bound to c and SHIFT