Warcraft 2 Cheats

Last Updated 12/5/02

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Warcraft 2 (These cheats also work with the Expansion Pack)

Glittering prizes - Gives you 10,000 gold, 5,000 lumber, and 5,000 oil

It is a good day to die - Makes you invincible

On screen - Shows the entire map

Showpath - Shows the entire map

Make it so - Makes buildings and units build/train faster

Hatchet - Allows you to harvest wood in 2 chops

Deck me out - Upgrades all units (non-magic ones)

Every little thing she does - Researches all spells and gives you unlimited mana

Valdez - Gives you 5,000 oil

Spycob - Gives you 5,000 oil

Noglues - Disables magical traps

Fastdemo - Probably makes the demo start faster

Title - Increases the speed of your units (I don't think this code actually works)

4-7 - Displays the message "We're smarter than you."

UCLA - Displays the message "Go Bruins!"

Day - Displays the message "FEIF"

Netprof - Makes the screen flicker, looks like a laser display.

Unite the clans - Instant victory

You pitiful worm - Instant defeat

Never a winner - Impossible to win

There can only be one - Ends the current level

Tigerlily Humanx - Jumps you to the human level of your choice (x being the number of the level)

Tigerlily Orcx - Jumps you to the orc level of your choice (x being the number of the level)

Allowsync - Let's you surrender in multiplayer games

Warcraft 2 Expansion Pack Only

Disco - Plays a disco song (track 18 on the CD)